Charter the Right Aircraft for your Trip, [3 Tips]

A last minute business trip to check on a plant, or a dealership or look at a new acquisition happen all the time. How about that call from your best friend in Malibu wanting you to come over for a fantastic golf outing next week end? How do you manage getting there at the last minute whilst avoiding the hassle of commercial flight with crowded lines and the potential for viral infections, packed aircraft, delays, cancellations, connections, and more. Aircraft chartering may be your best option.

Here are the top 3 considerations we hear the most from our customers:

1 - Availability, Safety & Numbers

Chartering an aircraft starts with finding who has an aircraft available that will get you from Point A to Point B. Once that is established, check the safety record and credential of the provider of service. Assuming that their track record that are impeccable, the next question is proximity, which is logical too as you don't want to be hours away from your provider.

Then, what should be the next decision filter? Numbers... There is a lot of available research and data on the "numbers and benefits" associated with chartering an aircraft. The basic promise is that you'll get to your destination and back when you want, on time and safely in the comfort of your private aircraft with your family and friends.. Typically through charter or other on demand operations, you should get at least:

  • A modern aircraft that can get there with the least amount of refueling stops
  • Qualified crew
  • Fuel, Maintenance and Insurance 
  • Ground services (catering, aircraft parking, car parking, car rental at destination...)

Given that, almost all providers of aircraft charter services will be within a few percentage points of each other when it comes to the "numbers". So, with everything else being roughly equal, what would make the difference between Company A and Company B? When making that decision, it's all about subjectivity and emotions. The basic questions to a management company are: How you're going to take care of my needs and how are you going to take care of me?

2-  Modern & Beautiful Aircraft

Selecting the right aircraft with all the comfort and amenities you would expect start with checking a few basics like wifi availability, catering, pet allowance and baggage capacity. 

First impressions are usually true. From your first website visit or first phone call or email to the first meeting in with management staff and your first visit there, look for early signals: friendliness, dress code, cleanliness, attention to details... When visiting the hangar and the maintenance area, is it spotless clean, brightly lighted, temperature controlled, neatly arranged... 

If you can't visit, don't hesitate to ask for a virtual tour of the aircraft to check seat configuration, cleanliness and modern look of the airplane inside and out. As the saying goes, "If it looks beautiful on the ground, it'll fly great!"

3-  Easy and Friendly

Lastly, booking the aircraft should be as easy as possible with friendly customer service and staff to ensure that all your questions are answered and all your requirements are met ahead of you arriving at the facilities and boarding the aircraft.

From our experience, most customers look for a "concierge" service that starts from the call to get the aircraft ready, to the greetings at the front door, to the walk to the ramp and to the aircraft, ready to depart.

Al the rest should be taken care of by the management company behind the scene.

In summary:

We know you have choices when selecting a company to manage you asset. At Laurel Highlands we appreciate you as a customer and regard you as a partner

As an FAA Part 135 charter services operator (certificate LB9A200Y), we pride ourselves on being able to quote and arrange trips on the spur of the moment, so you don’t have to worry about last-minute changes in your plans.

We can provide you with the most suitable aircraft for your travel needs whether you’re going across the state or around the world.

Learn more from our friendly and knowledgeable aircraft charter service professionals.

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